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We are now accepting clean boneless venison trim for processing. Due to limited space, we do not take whole deer.

Please give us a call before bringing in your venison at 715-344-7622. If we have room, we'll take it right away. If not, we will get your name on our Wait List. We will call you back in list order to coordinate a drop off date as soon as space becomes available. In fairness to all of our customers, we will not accept walk-up drop offs for venison unless you have called first.

Thank you for your business! We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you cut and process whole deer?

Due to limited freezer space, we are not cutting whole deer this season. We will be accepting clean boneless venison trim only.

Can I just stop in at any time to drop off my venison trim?

In fairness to all of our customers, we have a wait list to serve you in order from oldest to newest inquiry. Please call us at the butcher shop: 715-344-7622 to reserve your spot on the wait list. We take your name and phone number, and will contact you as soon as cooler space becomes available. Unfortunately if you show up to the shop with clean venison trim, but have not called us to get on the wait list, we will have to turn you away due to limited freezer space. We appreciate your understanding!

What is the best way to store my venison?

After cutting up your deer, place your clean boneless venison trim in food-grade freezer bags or containers. Do not store it in garbage bags, dirty used storage bags, old containers, or use twist ties. Proper storage of your venison trim prevents the meat from getting freezer burn or from going bad. Also remember that air is the enemy - try to get as much air out of your storage container as possible before freezing.

*We reserve the right to refuse any venison that is not properly cleaned or does not smell fresh.

Do you mix my venison with other batches?

We do not mix batches! That means what you bring us for clean boneless venison trim is what you get back in product. You get back your own deer only.

Is there a minimum amount of venison I need to bring in to get processed?

Depending on what product(s) you want made, we require a minimum of 7-9lbs of venison to make a 12lb batch. The minimum batch is 12lbs.

Can I bring in my venison frozen, or does it need to be fresh?

Either! Once we call you to bring your venison trim in for processing, it can be either fresh or frozen. The important thing is that it is clean, boneless, and stored in a food-grade bag or container.

What is the timeline for picking my venison product up?

We pride ourselves in making the highest quality venison product, and that takes time. Unfortunately we are not able to give you an estimated completion date. Know that our team works as fast as we can to get your venison back out the door to you. We want you to be satisfied with your products, and with your overall experience!


*Prices listed on the 2022 Venison Price Guide are approximate. They may vary from order to order depending on how much venison you have, and how much pork is added. Prices are subject to change without notice.