With a fully operational facility for custom harvest, we take care of the process from hoof to table so you can enjoy high-quality cuts of meat. Don't see the service you are looking for? Fill out this contact form, let's see what we can do.

Photo of beef cow carcass cut in half, hanging from meat hooks in a walk-in butcher freezer


Butcher Block 66 is a full service custom slaughter facility. Our approach for harvesting is to reduce stress on the animal as much as possible.

We butcher on Thursdays. Now scheduling cow, pig, and sheep harvest dates for 2023.


Once you schedule your butcher date, we follow up for cutting and processing instructions. Not sure exactly what you want? Don't worry. We talk you through each cut to ensure you'll love the final product.

Photo of individual bags of ground beef stamped not for sale from Butcher Block 66 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Photo of venison summer sausage hanging in an industrial smoke house smoker, tied up by twine. Package reads Venison Game Sausage, not for sale, with image of buck with horns on sausage casing.


We seasonally take deer, goose, bear, and other wild game to make tasty treats (sausage, snack sticks, bacon, brats, and more).

Each batch of clean boneless venison trim gets processed individually, we do not mix batches. We need a minimum of 7-9lbs of clean venison trim to make a batch of product. Click here for our 2021 Venison Product Price List and additional venison processing details.


Got something else in mind not listed here? Contact us. We'll see what we can do! Our team is happy to answer any questions you have.

Photo of building frontage of Butcher Block 66 custom meat processing facility in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Small beef cow figurine next to entry door, butcher shop sign with photo of buck deer head and cow steer head.